Are you a busy professional looking to lead a more balanced life, lose weight, decrease your stress and find your calling?

Are you a bride looking to lose weight, have that “glow,” de-stress and increase energy?

Do you struggle with your body image? Have you tried a million diets? Do you feel like you don’t have any idea how to nourish yourself or your family?

If any of these sound like you I can structure a program to fit your unique needs. Choose from ongoing programs or a la carte services to customize a package to your needs.

Whole Foodie Booty Classes
For Brides
Corporate Workshops
Personal Whole Foodie Chef


One on one cooking class – customized to your goals whether it’s weight loss, a food intolerance or a specific type of eating style you are trying out.

Group cooking class – get together a group of friends, and I’ll show you what to do!

Healthy Shopping Class – are you feeling lost when it comes to shopping and getting the best bang for your buck? This class is for you, I’ll teach you what to buy, how much to buy and how to read those pesky labels, all to fit within your budget and household needs!

For Brides

Couples cooking class – customized to your needs as a couple whether that’s to spice it up in the kitchen and beyond, support each other on a weight loss journey, or just learn the basics and have some fun!

Bachlorette Party Aphrodisiac cooking class – just about the most fun you can have with a group of girls, cocktails, and delicious food!

Individual Health Coaching (available in person or via phone) – The length of this program will be based on your goals and wedding timeline. I can give you tips for having a “green wedding”, how to find the best vendors, how to set and stick to a wedding budget, how to lose weight, not “freak out” and create stress and how to have that “glow” on your big day. I’ll also make it all fun because this is an amazing time in your life you want to look back on with positive memories!

Complimentary couples cooking class or one on one cooking class where I show you the way to his heart- through his stomach of course!

We will build a recipe library especially for you to use throughout your life together as a married couple and when you grow your family.

Do you already have great communication skills with your significant other? Or do little things build up until your explode? Communication and honesty are key to any healthy relationship so we will focus on this in your program and help you feel comfortable talking about all the big things from how many children to have, to how to pay the bills and have clear open communications about each of your wants and needs.

Plus, how to communicate about your all important sex life, being committed to one person for the rest of your life certainly doesn’t need to be boring, in this part of your program we will talk about how to enjoy each other when the honeymoon phase is over and real life sets in.

And we will talk about how to prioritize your love even when life gets busy and kids enter the picture.


Individual Health Coaching (available in person or via phone) – 6 months devoted to you, expect to make some major breakthroughs, drop that excess weight and wake up to the possibilities being you brings! Expect to learn how to use food as the foundation for creating change in all areas of your life while finding your ideal balance so you never have to worry about excess weight, fatigue, bloating or break outs again!

Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. You will learn to deconstruct your cravings, develop a library of recipes to last a lifetime, explore new foods, listen to your body, increase your energy, feel better about your body, find movement that you enjoy, improve your relationships, reduce your stress and lose weight once and for you- all without dieting! I believe the key to all of this is loving yourself so we will focus deeply on self care and bringing about self awareness so you can get unstuck!

We will meet for two, one-hour sessions per month, cook together, go food shopping together, laugh together and maybe even cry together! I’ll support you with whatever you need to achieve your goals.

Group Coaching (available in person or via conference calls) – 6 months of group support, one private breakthrough session and a whole new community to immerse yourself in!

We will meet for two, one-hour sessions per month, share laughs, learn from one another and support each other in reaching both individual and group goals.

Corporate Workshops

Corporate Seminars – I’ll teach your employees how to eat right and reduce stress so they are more productive, and happier inside and outside of work. Expect less sick days and lowered health care costs.

I also offer consultations on how to offer better options for employees in the office and how to “green” your space.

Private Whole Food Chef

Personal Whole Foods Chef – We meet and go over your goals, I put together some weekly meal ideas and shop and prepare them for you so you don’t even have to think about it, just enjoy the food one meal at a time bringing you closer and closer to your healthiest you! Complimentary cooking class included, even invite a friend!