ShannonPrzemek116 As a woman, what’s your power outfit? The outfit that makes you stand tall and say, come on world, take notice, here I come! The one that brings you out of hiding? Is it a whole outfit or a particular article of clothing or accessory that does it for you? In college when I was broke and shopped soley at Forever 21 my power accessory, the one that I loved more than anything (and still do) was a pair of cowboy boots. I even just got them resoled 9 years later. They were a prized Christmas gift from my Mom and I’ll have them forever as some things never go out of style.  Back when I was acting they were my go to for any audition I went on, they even made me walk differently, more commanding, taller, straighter, prouder. IMG_4767 Today my power outfit includes a beautiful Michael Kohr’s leather jacket (me above in it at my engagement shoot). To me it was worth the splurge because every time I put it on I feel ready to accomplish anything. I know I look great in it, I feel more powerful, more edgy and more confident; that’s worth any dollar amount in my book. If you don’t have splurge money right now, go out and buy a great lipstick instead, maybe a bright red, something that will stand out and make you pop, it’s fun to embrace your femininity in this way! I learned this trick from my gorgeous and fashionable Grandmother who has bright blue eyes that don’t require a spec of make up but never leaves the house without lipstick applied. I invite all of you out there to think about this, maybe even think about gettng yourself that one accessory, that one dress, that one pair of jeans you have been obsessing over because you know they will make  you look and feel your best. If you are someone who usually hides in your clothes trying to appear smaller, shirk away from scrutiny, then this is a must. If you’ve been waiting to get new clothes until you hit your goal weight, what can you buy that will make you feel like a million bucks? I’m talking in this body, with this shape, right now. Maybe it’s a pair of shoes, a fabulous chunky necklace or a beautiful scarf, maybe it’s a dress. Whatever it is, you can always get something tailored as the weight comes off. Here is the bonus: the weight is more likely to come off if you feel great everyday, starting now by loving your body and shape as it is. You won’t lose anything if you are always feeling crappy about yourself, it will just create stress, lead to an emotional eating episode and keep you stuck. When we feel amazing and step into our power, we don’t need to turn to food, we have enough inside ourselves right now! I’d love for you to share pictures on Instagram or Facebook of your power outfit or item of clothing and as always leave some comments below!