ShannonPrzemek59I love LOVE as you have probably noticed if you’ve read any of my bridal blog posts. I love all kinds of love, friendship, familial, romantic, between Dog and owner, you get the drift.

Many people I know don’t like the concept of Valentine’s day since there are so many expectations and it’s not an authentic way to show someone you care. I honestly don’t have any problem with a day devoted to love, to me it’s like your birthday being a day about you, or your anniversary a day about the two of you, or Thanksgiving a day to give thanks. I never knock an excuse to celebrate and express the way you feel.

So if Valentine’s day is a day devoted to expressing love, can you do that whether you’re single or in a relationship? Yes, absolutely. Pick someone you care about and do something to show them that you love them. Write them a hand written note telling them how wonderful they are, invite them to the zoo if they love animals, plan a girls night in with wine and animated movies, anything really.

If you are in a relationship and resent the commercialism of this day make it about committing to showing love everyday in one small way so that your partner knows how loved and cherished they are year round. My husband makes me a cappuccino and breakfast every morning. Do you know how much I love that? He knows I don’t “do” mornings well so he gets up extra early and does this to make my life a little easier and my day a little brighter. Something as small as taking out the trash can be pretty damn romantic if it’s coming from a place of loving someone enough that you are choosing to do something to make them happy and take off some of their burden. Kind of makes shoveling the snow or cleaning the toilet sexy doesn’t it? It’s all about intention and perception.

And those of us on the receiving end? Let’s show our gratitude. Sure it’s easy to gush about the grand jesters, but I’d personally rather have a man who always remembers my favorite things when he goes food shopping and is sure my jacket is zipped all the way up so that I don’t catch cold than receive a piece of jewelry and flowers once a year.

What can you do on Valentine’s day that will make someone you care about smile? What can you do year round to show someone you care? Focus on the LOVE and you can’t go wrong.