Alright boys and girls, here is my whole post, three little words…

Take the leap.

That’s it, the whole shebang. I could end this here, but I won’t.

Instead, I’ll tell you a little story that will hopefully inspire you to move forward with your dreams. Write, paint, create, dance, sing, laugh, love, do it all. 


Recently I was afraid to leave my comfortable job and start fresh in a new environment. Last year, I was terrified to buy a house and move out of the NYC. Years ago, I was nervous about moving in with my now husband.

Notice a pattern? Just about everything scares me.

Making big decisions doesn’t get any easier over time, but these things have collectively led me to today. I’m so glad I took the leap in these situations instead of letting my fears paralyze me because life is so good, and it just keeps getting better.

My commute no longer involves stressful traffic, long hours, and too many people. I drive by cows, mansions, wineries, historic small towns, and beautiful foliage. It’s awesome and so peaceful.

I get eight hours of sleep again. I have time to cook and work out. I’m creatively fulfilled and I’m intellectually challenged. And the people that I was worried about missing? We’ve been touching base a lot; those are real friends that won’t fade away.

Do I still have stress? Yes. Do I have things figured out. No. Is my life perfect? Hell no.

Am I mentally and emotionally fulfilled. Hell yea!

So just fucking do it. Stop letting your fears stand in your way, and take the opportunity that’s in front of you, whatever it may be. Things have a way of working out if you get out of your own way and let them.

It’s your turn. What are you going to take the leap with? Let me know so I can support you in the comments section below this post.