Zak Mann PhotographyYou deserve a vacation! And I have just the place for you.


When I came across Soul Camp, I instantly loved the idea because you get to become a kid again and work on empowering yourself, all at the same time! As founder Michelle Goldblum explained to me it’s a “multi day, multi night mind/body/spirit extravaganza!” 


Soul Camp East is happening next month, followed by Soul Camp West in October, so if you want to prolong your summer a bit more this is the perfect way to do it! And, I have a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to help you make it happen.


Soul Camp is offering my readers 20% off when they register with the code: WHOLEFOODIEBOOTY


I’m not making anything off of this, and don’t write about anything I don’t like or believe in-as you know- this just seemed too awesome not to share! It doesn’t hurt that I know many of the speakers and teachers personally and believe that you’d get a lot out of your time there. Plus, it looks so darn fun!

If you go, let me know what you think! I might have to make the trip myself next year 😉

*Photo credit Soul Camp, Zak Mann Photography