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Dish Restaurant on Washington Street in Brooklyn, is absolutely fabulous!

I just discovered this new to the neighborhood restaurant on a recent walk and have fallen in love. I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to dining out, I find a place I like and go there, over and over, but it was nice to see something new catch my eye.

I had an excuse to go out for dinner recently when I had to take my bestie out to distract her from waiting for test results for  a PA (physician assistants) program she just finished, girl needed good food and wine pronto!

We shared a Kale Salad, Flat Bread and Burrata Cheese over Heirloom Tomato. Absolutely delish! We even got free red wine and the waitress was a total doll. The decor is wonderful and I love the tiles on the bar, chandeliers, and beautiful blue trim on the windows contrasting with the brick walls and mirrored menus, very Mediterranean and cozy. The only problem was the lighting wasn’t great to take pictures for me to post for you!

The Kale Salad, let’s just say I’ve been craving it for nearly every meal since I left. It was a revelation of flavor, I know this sounds extreme for just a Kale Salad, but try it and you will see what I mean. My friend said it was the best Kale Salad she has ever had. The dressing was just a little spicy, the kale cut to ribboned perfection, the cheese just right, not overwhelming, and the shredded nuts added the perfect texture compliment. The Burrata, yup, it melted in my mouth. The tomatoes were good but not great mostly because they aren’t in season and there is nothing like an in season tomato. The Flat Bread was delish, four cheeses featuring raw parmigiano that was bursting with flavor, and it was toasted to crunchy perfection. We finished everything but didn’t feel too full because the portions were just right since it’s a Mediterranean restaurant filled with fresh ingredients and we shared small plates from the appetizer menu.

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I loved it so much that my Fiance and I headed to brunch there the same weekend. They had a live jazz band playing that really set the tone and suddenly I felt like I was in a cafe in Paris, could have also been all the cheese.

I’m really into sharing so I get the maximum taste experience and Przemek is used to indulging me, so we shared the Kale Salad, naturally, a Steak Sandwich with an Heirloom Tomato side salad, and Eggs Benedict served over spinach with a side of crispy Roasted Sun Chokes. The Kale Salad did not disappoint, the Steak Sandwhich was a perfect flavor balance, it had a currant jam that gave it a touch of sweetness, but the gruyere, steak, and onion were the perfect counter balance of salty, sweet, and savory. YUM. The Eggs Benedict were delightful, they were served over a biscuit and the sun chokes tasted like really delicious fried potatos. I got a look at some of the sweeter brunch options like the French Toast served with sweet ricotta mascarpone cream and fresh berries, I’ll certainly be trying that next time! I sipped vanilla tea and we chatted while other patrons with children rocked to the beat and everyone clapped again and again for the great band. What a wonderful Sunday morning experience.

Check out the menus here:

Dish also features an entire Market Veggie selection with different vegetable dishes featuring ingredients prepared straight from the Farmers Market. The sauteed mushrooms and asparagus with pistachio sherry vinegrette are on my must taste list. They also use organic free range eggs for their brunch items, and I checked, the meat is also of the highest quality. My kind of place. Go, enjoy, and let me know what you think! Oh, and they are doing a special Valentine’s Day seating so if you don’t already have plans, check it out!


5 Bites!

Photo credit from Dish’s website.