On a recent Sunday funday I decided to take a bike ride on my favorite route along the water to the original Fairway in Red Hook Brooklyn. There are awesome views of the Statue of Liberty and some of the coolest murals around. I love getting exercise by biking around and exploring new neighborhoods, but this one is by far my favorite, I’ll tell you why.

Red Hook is having a moment. It’s going through a revitalization and focusing on local and artisan foods and products as it emerges. The businesses that are popping up actually care about where they are sourcing their goods and are setting a standard for every new business that opens in the area. Every time I bike over a new shop has opened and it’s another homage to what’s emerging, but there is still a balance of what was, it’s still very old school Brooklyn. Red Hook has serious character, you will see in one of my pictures below a bar with a truck out front, you can’t help but wonder what decade you are in. Also, all these handmade signs and beautiful murals, local businesses partnering up and representing some serious style, not to mention the colors I found, just awesome, they really add a vibrant happy feel to the cityscape.

On this ride here is what I found: an awesome BBQ Restaurant, a cool pizza shop, a chocolate factory and whiskey distillery in one, a cigar shop, seafood at it’s best at Brooklyn Crab, a winery, kayaking, and an authentic key lime pie shop (Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie). So many amazing things to experience and so many great date ideas emerged!

I wound up riding around and taking pictures for 2 hours and the time flew by, I didn’t even realize I was exercising but got a ton of activity in! This is the perfect type of thing to do to motivate you to get going with a new exercise routine, or if you are stuck in an exercise rut to shake it up and make it fun again. Exercise doesn’t have to kill you to make a big difference, sometimes it’s as simple as tying up your laces or jumping on your bike and heading out to see where the wind takes you!




My favorite is the chocolate shop and whisky distillery in one, it even has a bar attached to it called Botanica that sources chocolate and whiskey from right next door, talk about local food and drink! Right around the corner is the cigar shop, across the street an amazing barn, murals on the side of buildings around it, and chickens in the beautiful open courtyard out back.

Check out some of my pictures and get yourself over to Red Hook to check out all this area has to offer!

Red Hook Winery

Widow Jane

Cacao Prieto

Nat Sherman Cigars

Fairway Market

Hometown BBQ

Brooklyn Crab

Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies




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