shannon (2)If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of my yoga posts. I graduated from the Yoga Shanit NYC training last year, and started teaching in early 2016. My classes are a combination of flow and alignment and you’ll leave feeling like you worked hard but also relaxed your nervous system. This summer, you have a few opportunities to practice yoga with me – details below!

Push Through Your Fears, It Gets Easier

I was so nervous when I first started teaching, it would make me feel sick to my stomach with stress. I remember talking to my husband about it and saying, I know I have to just push through this, I know it will get easier and everyone feels like this, but this is so hard!

As the months have gone on, I’ve completely fallen in love with teaching. I kind of feel like it’s my calling. That’s a scary thing to write.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much my training at Yoga Shanti prepared me and how quickly I’ve gotten comfortable stepping into the teacher role. I love planning classes, tweaking them throughout the week, and then adjusting them for my students on the fly. I’m still nervous when I teach in new places but I love the energy of the classes and getting to know my students so I can support them to tap into their bodies and find what makes them strong. I’m also proud to help them deepen their practices and try new things as they build strength, all while maintaining a proper foundation and alignment so they don’t go too far and wind up hurt.

Yoga Every Damn Day

I found for me it was vital that I know the sequence I teach inside and out in my own body so that I can explain the mechanisms of the poses from a grounded place to my students. I practice almost daily and it’s made me so much more aware of how I’m feeling in the poses. I used to injury myself all the time but now my joints feel great, I feel like my skin in glowing, and I’m sleeping better. Yoga is the thing I turn to in times of happiness and in times of stress, it’s universally uplifting and beneficial.

Wait…But First, Yoga!

Life is crazy, but taking time to do yoga as often as possible, or #yogaeverydamnday makes a huge impact on the way you think and feel. When you are deciding if you can make yoga work into your busy day, just start with this thought: WAIT…BUT FIRST, YOGA.

If you’d like to practice with me, you now have a few weekend options on both sides of the Hudson.

Practice Yoga With Me: Summer Class Schedule And Studios

Saturday’s at Elan Elite Yoga, Rye NY:

8:30am – Elan Flow

10am – Open level

Blooming Hill Farm, Blooming Grove NY: (donation based community class)

Sunday May 29th, 10am

Sunday June 5th, 10am

Sunday June 12th, 10am

I may continue teaching yoga at the farm every other Sunday in July and August depending on the turnout.  If you want to attend just bring a mat and plan to check out their unbelievable brunch after!

practice yoga with me at blooming hill farm!