img_8254 Happy New Year’s Eve! Let’s chat for a second about new year’s resolutions. I seem to always have a few on my list, year after year that just never seem to get done. This year I’m doing things a little differently because when I look back on the last year the things I actually did accomplish are the types of things that truly make me happy, much more so than resolutions involving weight loss and deprivation. The few that have been on my list the last few years are: 1- Learn guitar 2- Learn Polish 3- Lose 10 lbs 4- Do a yoga teacher training What I actually accomplished this year: 1- Started this awesome blog (it got me writing and taking pictures and fulfilling my creative side) 2- I signed up for a class and learned to use my super cool camera (Canon Rebel T4i) 3- I got engaged and started planning a wedding that totally reflects who we are These are pretty amazing accomplishments if I do say so myself and I’m really happy with these things, and funny enough, I’m really happy with my body too. I think it’s great just the way it is, curvy and petite, and sure I could be more toned, I could be thinner, I could have bigger boobs, yada yada BUT I’m not wallowing in what isn’t working I’m focusing on what is. This year, here are my resolutions: 1- Get married and become the best wife to the person I love more than anything 2- Keep blogging, see what happens, but enjoy the ride 3- Take another class, this could be a yoga raining or an improv class but something just for me 4- Start singing again As you can see none of my resolutions have anything to do with weight loss, they have to do with feeding my soul, when my soul is nourished and full, my body won’t be craving things to fulfill me when it’s not hungry. This is a far more enjoyable way to accomplish your health or weight loss goals, trust me! 😉 What are your resolutions? Share with me in the comments section below! img_8222 Make sure to sign up for my newsletter for tips on how to stay fit, healthy and happy in the new year!