I just spent the last week in Florida with my amazing family and stayed with my Nana. I make a point to visit twice a year to spend time with her as she is one of my favorite people on the planet and did one hell of a job raising my Momma!

I always ask her a million and ten questions about her life because I love hearing stories that I will one day pass onto my children. I’m fascinated to learn about different eras, after all she was born in the 30’s a few years before World War II and was a 50’s bride and Mom in the 60’s and 70’s to some rebellious hippy children; my mom being the most wild of the bunch!

Her advice on a lasting love? You need to like each other as well as love each other. Do things together that bring you closer together, be friends. She said she and my Poppy, who were married for 52 years until his death, and who met when she swam out to meet him on a dock in the middle of a lake when she was a 15 year old, were truly friends. This helps you build a solid foundation for when life gets messy because you will still be friends through all the ups and downs and your love will have a foundation to keep growing, instead of simmering when you no longer feel connected. Even if Poppy was just running out to the hardware store Nana would make a point to go with him. They would take hour walks daily holding hands, drink happy hour drinks together at night, and worked together in their own property management business, all while raising 5 kids! So that advice is definitely one I’m going to take!

Yup, that’s me with them below. :)