image-2I’ve been looking into programs for the past 3 years and I’ve finally decided on a Yoga Teacher Training! I’m going to start Yoga Shanti’s Teacher Training in about 2 weeks and I can’t wait to share the journey with you along the way!

I’ve actually been practicing yoga for 20 years so it feels like it’s time to take my practice to the next level. My Mom being the amazing free spirit she is, had a yoga instructor come to our house weekly to teach the family and some friends Wednesday nights as I was growing up. I even had a few football playing high school boyfriends give it a shot, so funny and so awesome. Over the last 5 years I’ve gotten serious about my practice and it has helped me rehab my knee from a serious injury I sustained in college that required surgery. A knee workshop mini training I took at Iyengar a few years ago has helped me know how and when to modify to help my knee out during more strenuous poses.

Another HUGE benefit of yoga for me has been on how I now perceive my body.  It’s no longer just this thing with separate parts that infuriate me because I can’t fit them into the mold of what society deems as perfect. I now recognize the strength my body posses to hold strenuous poses, I appreciate my flexibility, I’m amazed by my balance. Yoga has helped me grow into myself and love my body just as it is. I find that on the mat during my classes but take it off the mat making me feel better about myself overall. It’s amazing really since I struggled with that for so many years, but the more I practice, the less negative body energy I possess.  

Now I’m at a point where I’m ready to learn about my body on a much deeper level so that I prevent long term injury and can continue to develop my own practice as well as help others. I’ve looked into other trainings over the years, and almost signed up of Laughing Lotus last year because I love the energy of the studio and rigorous flow practice. Ultimately I decided a more alignment based training would be the best area for me to begin. Hence Yoga Shanti. 

Doing rigorous physical training is nothing new to me, I grew up a total jock, soccer, lacrosse, horse back riding, dance. Unfortunately, neither is being injured, by the time I was 20 I had dislocated my knee cap 4 times, had to have knee surgery, had a straightening of the spine (car accident), and had experienced sciatica. When I exercise I like to push it and because I’m hyper flexible I wind up overdoing it when I don’t have a deep understanding of my body. I am attracted to boundary pushing structured activities like boot camp classes so it’s no wonder I love the vigorous asanas of a vinyasa flow practice.  As much as I love that, I think it’s time to branch out, nurture myself, and do something positive for my body long term. 

I’m attracted to the Yoga Shanti Teacher Training Program because of it’s alignment focus. I want to help others learn how to help their body through injury and I want to prevent myself from injuring my body by pushing too hard without the proper foundation. I love that Colleen is a Jivamukti graduate (I looked into that training as well and some of my favorite teachers are graduates) and that Rodney studied with Iyengar, I think that is the perfect balance. I also want to learn more about yoga philosophy and develop a meditation practice (hello calming energy, goodbye anxiety). I really respect Rodney’s teachings and have heard very positive things about the program. In fact the teacher who recommended it was the person who made me fall in love with yoga as more than a workout so I trust her opinion implicitly. I have also taken a few classes at Yoga Shanti, including one with Joyce (who runs the training) to make sure it was what I wanted and realized it’s exactly what I need. I like the energy of the studio and what sealed the deal for me was that everyone I have encountered there has been lovely, kind and open.

I know I made the right choice because of a class I was taking with Rodney and Colleen when they were in the city teaching on 9/11. At the end of the class, they had us all take a moment to come together with focused intent to reflect on all that is going on in the world today, encouraged us to be our best, to be better than ever before to counteract negative energy, and dedicated our practice to world peace. That’s what I’m talking about! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, Om Peace Peace Peace. Namaste!