header.pngheader1.pngThis past year of blogging has been pretty great. It has taught me a lot about myself, about sticking with something, about my newfound love for writing. I just wanted to say thank you to anyone out there who has been reading along the way and anyone who has reached out with kind words and support, you have kept me going. :) Here are 9 reasons that you should keep on reading in the coming year!

In honor of Whole Foodie Booty’s one year anniversary I’d like to recap my favorite posts over the last year.

#1- Our Wedding Day. This one is my favorite because it’s so personal and putting it together was like reliving the experience. I love the pictures and the emotions it brings up for me. I also think it will be a very helpful resource to anyone planning their own green wedding out there. I have heard from so many people since posting that I should be a wedding planner. :)

#2-What do you do when One Person in a Relationship is Religious and the Other is Not when it Comes Time for Marriage? This one was highly personal as well and I wasn’t sure how people would take it but I received such positive feedback from people of all different religious backgrounds and just knew it hit on a question that many have had to ask. I hoped it helped even one person put into perspective how you can really work anything out if you love someone, no one is worth losing over this.

#3- Love Advice from a woman who was married for 52 years. I love this because I relish any advice my Nana gives me. She knows so much and I’m so grateful that we have the type of relationship where we can talk about anything. My husband and I are actually visiting her now (a vacation to celebrate this anniversary!) and she just gave us even more great marriage advice. She said, when you are fighting, it is important to remember that marriage is supposed to make life better for the two of you, so focus on building each other up and don’t hold grudges. Wise words form a wise woman.

#4-Colorful Roasted Potatoes with Fresh Herbs.  I like this one mostly because of the pictures, I am proud of those, they look really delicious and I love the colors. This is also a fast, easy, delicious recipe I’m happy to share!

#5- Ready to Cleanse in the New Year? Hopefully this one helped you clear out some common misconceptions about cleansing and juice cleansing in particular. A good one to re-read as the weather gets cooler.

#6-Healthy(er) Halloween Indulgences. This one is just fun and brought out the kid in me. I think these ideas are tasty, in season and can really be used at any time when the sweet craving hits.

#7- Recipes from a Polish Mama-Zucchini Pancakes.  Literally my favorite meal on earth, go make it, now! You will thank me later!

#8- My Favorite Place on Earth-Blooming Hill Farm. I love Blooming Hill and love the pictures I took that day back in late September. I had just purchased a macro lens and took it out for a spin and think the photos turned out awesome. Whenever I visit Blooming Hill I experience a sense of peace that I don’t often come across.

#9- Red Hook is Having a Moment.  This was another excuse to get out and take some pictures, that is one of my favorite ways to spend a day off. Red Hook was the perfect subject because it has so much revitalization going on with a focus on locally made, artisan, food, drinks and products.

Cheers to you!  img_8046