Here is a great last minute holiday or anytime gift idea that your friends and family will be sure to love! Maybe make a few extras for yourself and keep them around to spice up your food and snacks at a moments notice, another tip to make your food delicious without added junk and calories!

This is easy, takes minimal prep  and construction time, I’m talking 10 minutes tops, and you will have a beautiful homemade gift that is sure to wow and get your friends cooking, quite literally.

First purchase a few special jars, the ones I got are from West Elm Market, you can find them here. When I get them home I remove the price tags and soak the glass tops and jars in warm sudsy water.

Once you rinse and dry the jars place them on your table with all your herbs. I purchase loose herbs in bulk for almost nothing and plan ahead by thinking about what types would blend well together. I usually make an:

  •  Indian Blend consisting of different curries, herbs & coconut shavings
  • Italian Blend consisting of basil, oregano, parsley, chives, garlic salt & red pepper flakes
  • Popcorn Blend consisting of sweet paprika, herbamare, nutritional yeast & chives

They are all delish and you can’t really go wrong with any flavor concoction in my mind. It’s nice to have different color herbs and spices to make the layers stand out. Tie some ribbon around them to make things extra fancy and make labels so the person you made if for knows what type of flavor bursts to expect!

I hope you enjoy and I want to wish a safe, happy, healthy holiday to you and yours!