Blooming Hill Farm is my happy place. I have been visiting since I was 8 years old and make a trip for their Saturday brunch and to stock up on fresh, local produce whenever I go upstate to visit my family. I have turned my fiancé Przemek onto Blooming Hill over the years so it was a natural fit for us when it came to wedding planning. We are having them host an intimate farm dinner for us next June complete with music, local organic food, brick oven pizza and s’mores over a bon fire, I’m calling the theme rustic chic. Our wedding, and this place, totally represents what we value as a couple and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the summer solstice marrying my love and being close to the earth.


I can’t recommend visiting Blooming Hill Farm on a Saturday enough, in fact, if you are looking for something to do this weekend, go there, I’ll be there! It has such an amazing vibe, I can’t even explain it, you can’t help but feel content and joyful. It’s a combination of all of the natural beauty, the big farm dogs, the cats on the tables, the fresh bread, the smiles, the kids playing in the stream; it’s like a Norman Rockwell painting, if Norman was a hippy. They are open from 10am to 2pm year round and it’s well worth the drive from the city or neighboring areas. I frequently run into people I know from Brooklyn or Westchester when I’m in the area.


The owner Guy has built quite a following and reputation over the years. He is a very interesting person, truly committed to what he does and has worn many hats in his life, including Lawyer before turning Organic Farmer. It’s a family run operation, I’ve met children, sisters, cousins, and his 2 sons seem to be following in his footsteps in the food industry. On Saturdays there is brunch and you have an opportunity to sign up for the CSA (community supported agriculture) that supports the farm and then you get an extra $25 worth of food for every $250 share you buy. The idea being, you are supporting them with the money up front so they can buy seeds, hire workers, and  do everything else that needs to be done. I am a long standing CSA member myself.


Also, mark your calendar for the last Saturday of each month and check out one of Blooming Hill Farm’s dinners where they showcase incredibly talented chefs to prepare an all vegetarian dinner, using everything from the farm. Sign up early if  you are interested in attending, they fill up fast. Last month there was an unbelievable amount of variety produced from the Chefs of Restaurant North and the dessert even featured a sweet polenta cake made from cornmeal that Blooming Hill grows and grinds. We sat with the Chef’s parents who were the nicest people ever, they shared their wine with us and we shared the homemade vodka Przemek’s Dad brought (we had both sides of the family there to show his parents and siblings where we would be getting married). Guy’s oldest son Austin also started a supper club a few months ago, we went to the first one in August and it was the first dinner there to feature meats, all sustainably sourced and top quality of course. August’s Supper club featured the chefs and staff from Lupa, Mario Batali’s NYC restaurant. Check out my Instagram for pictures from this event!


Blooming Hill’s main business is providing produce to many of Manhattan and Brooklyn’s Restaurants. I’ve seen their produce featured at many of my favorites including Rosa Mexicana near Union Square. When I asked Guy about the restaurants he sells to in Brooklyn where I live, he said there were over 30! He has a stand at the Ramsey Farmers Market on Sundays and the Farmstand at Blooming Hill on Saturdays.  On the website there is a week by week feature about what is being grown and available; talk about an easy guide to eating seasonally, find it here. He also grows many heirloom varieties of foods I had never even heard of before trying it out from the Farmstand. Stop by, support an amazing local family run business and stock your reusable shopping bag with the freshest (picked that day) food around! Once you have visited let me know what you think!

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