Delicious Food, Amazing Life, Rockin’ Body!

That’s the magic formula. There is no secret pill or too good to be true diet, it just doesn’t happen like that in the real world. The key to lasting success with your health and weight is eating real food, that tastes great (follow my recipes I’ll show you how) so you  never get bored and so your body gets what it needs to look and feel its best.

Having some fun and finding balance in your life, just like your diet, is uber important to having an amazing life and getting the body you always wanted. Go with what feels good, challenge what doesn’t. If you have an area that is holding you back, start working on it, invest in yourself. If something is working, if it brings you joy, whether it’s a great relationship, or a satisfying hobby, spend more time in that space. You create your world. You are the only one who can give anyone or anything any power over you, so set boundaries, find what drives you and give yourself permission to enjoy, give your all, be your best. When you are living an amazing life; happy, less stressed, thriving, guess what? Food will no longer be an issue. It won’t be the thing that keeps you up at night, you’ll be too busy thinking of all of the other amazing things you have going on to worry about the piece of chocolate you consumed, at 3pm, yesterday…

The result of finding your balance, hitting your stride, focusing on pleasure and joy, will be the result you have been killing yourself for all along, a rockin’ body. And really, who doesn’t want that?

Whole Foodie Booty doesn’t focus on diets, or weight loss, it focuses on embracing where you are now, enjoyment, unbelievably delicious food, and living a life that makes you happy. Tell me, what makes you happy? What do you want to spend more time doing? What areas can you focus on now that need improvement?

Sometimes it’s okay to start small. For me taking pictures, or taking a moment to really appreciate the color of that flower, or looking up when I’m walking around to take in the amazing details of the buildings around me, those little things make me grateful to be in the moment and it starts there, the tiny shifts.

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