13850_10100254853763245_1228611482_n Valentine’s Day has me thinking about Love. Not just romantic but all types. It seems the people in my life either love this day, or mock this day and choose to ignore it. Honestly I’m just happy there is a day designated to celebrate the Love we have for one another. Even if you are single, you can embrace this day and think about all the love you have in your life, familial and friendly. I remember when I was single I had a rule against being bitter when I saw a happy couple. I didn’t want to project envy and jealousy, I chose to instead look at them and appreciate their love. I took comfort that love like that existed and that I would find it one day too. If you are looking at love with anything but positivity, why would the universe send it your way? Today write a Valentine to someone you love, honoring that feeling.  Maybe your Mom appreciating her for everything she has given you in your life, maybe your best friend for always being there for you, maybe just send a card to someone you know who needs it. Or write a love note to the one person you can’t live without; embrace your love for them, relish in it, appreciate it and respect it, romantic love is hard to come by and even harder to sustain. Whatever you do, send some love out there, and before you know it, it will return your way. 1378052_10102314763407379_149685077_n Photo credit: Anna Simonak Photography and Photo by Basia