Now that we are married, what do we do with all of the other important dates that got us here? Are we just supposed to forget them?

We had a talk about it and we are planning to celebrate all the days that got us to our wedding. Why not use any excuse to celebrate love and life? We are both so busy it’s hard to connect and carve out time to focus on us and this is just another excuse to do that, to reminisce of years past.

Today is our 7 year anniversary and we aren’t pretending this day doesn’t mean something to us just because we are married now. It does, it totally does. Tonight we are going to an outdoor movie down by the water and eating Pizza from Patsy’s Pizzeria, since we met working there together one summer. Nothing crazy but something to acknowledge the day, something with meaning.

Here is a picture of us on our one year anniversary, look how young my 19 year old hunny looks.194

August 7th, 2007 we spent the day in central park for my birthday the following day. I was turning 21. We had been seeing each other for a few weeks but hadn’t really talked about where it was going or what we were feeling. I had plans with a friend that night (the same friend who would later act as officiant at our outdoor wedding ceremony) so as we went into the subway stop at the Natural History Museum I decided to put myself out there. I said, quite awkwardly I might add, “for my birthday will you be my boyfriend?” His reply, “of course.” Just that simple, like it was assumed. I was like “then why didn’t you ask me?!” and he just shrugged, laughed, and kissed me, the rest is history.  I knew pretty quickly he was it for me.

Us on our wedding day below. ShannonPrzemek792

The idea of celebrating things big and little is so important especially as life gets crazy and there is more and more added to the mix pulling us in different directions. It’s something I hope we carry into our marriage for years to come. What do you have in your life that you could take some time out to celebrate?