Marley Spoon sent me a meal kit this week and it turned out delicious.

We made kimchi pancakes with sesame spinach & rice and quinoa burgers. My husband was my sous chef and it turned into an awesome date night filled with beer and fun music. I couldn’t stop eating the kimchi pancakes, they were AH-mazing!


We had plenty of leftovers for multiple meals and I was able to share with my Mom. Here’s a direct quote from her:

“This burger is the closest thing I’ve had to the real deal since I became a veg 20 years ago, are you sure there’s no meat in here?”

Followed by:

“Umm, yumm, ummm” (sounds of enjoyment).



  1. Easy to follow recipes and beautiful images.
  2. No food shopping required, saving time and energy.
  3. Everything came pre-portioned, no waste!
  4. I learned how to make new dishes and can now personalize them adding some Whole Foodie Booty pizazz.
  5. They included a hand written note as a nice touch and their branding looks great.
  6. I learned how to make the perfect caramelized onions- my husband was raving about them.
  7. The food turned out so good!


  • The cook time took significantly longer than expected.
  • I would have preferred organic spinach and brown rice to white rice; we subbed in whole wheat flower when the recipe called for all purpose.
  • Since I don’t usually follow recipes I felt like a chicken without a head running around trying to do everything perfectly and in order. This is more of a personal con but if you’re like me, I recommend cooking one meal at a time instead of trying to do two at once.

My overall recommendation is to check out Marley Spoon! Whether you order weekly, or for a fun stay at home date night, you won’t be disappointed by the easy, flavorful recipes that will change-up your weekly routine.

Whole Foodie Booty approved!