IMG_5107 My Bridal Shower was this past weekend, and let me tell you, I felt so loved. At first it was strange to be the center of attention, but to celebrate such an awesome life event as getting married and having friends and family shower you with love, it was pretty easy to step into the role quickly. :) It was the first official wedding related event since the Engagement itself and the surprise engagement party the day after. It really made it all real, we are only 4 months out now! That’s me and my bridal party above, aren’t they all just beautiful? Przemek woke me that morning and started spoiling me right away to make sure I’d be ready on time, he made me coffee (2 cups), breakfast, and then gently but firmly made me stay on track timewise without giving away any details. It was snowing so he also helped calm my fear that no one would be able to make it! I had an intimate bridal shower thrown in my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn, Scottadito, in the wine cellar. The food was amazing; french toast with fresh berries, home fries, fresh foccacia bread, a veggie omlette, and frisee salad with delicious cheese, walnuts and pear. YUM! We also had unlimited mimosas, champaign and coffee, heaven in my book. IMG_5081My girls made the whole event so personal. First of all, the location and date were a surprise, and they couldn’t have picked a better spot since it’s not only my favorite restaurant (I wrote a review of it here) but also Przemek’s so it was like he was with me. The girls went with a silver and pink theme with  beautiful white flowers on the tables. There were bright pink and silver balloons, hanging palm palms, a customized sign in our initials, date night ideas, advice for the bride and groom & memory cards (in pink) and what’s in your purse game (in silver).  The sign-in book was actually the Newlywed Cookbook, one of the items on my registry (I loved this idea). My soon to be sister-in-law won the what’s in your purse game with 88 points and my Mom on the other hand who doesn’t carry one, was the lowest with 2. It’s funny how opposite ends of the spectrum they were. My girls also made an awesome framed picture collage with our engagment and baby pics, and a shadow box with our invites and engagement shots, many of these items will also be making an appearance at the wedding! It was the perfect combination of rustic chic (the wedding theme) and glitz and sparkle (what I requested for the shower).  Przemek’s mom also made us a homemade cake that was to die for, it literally tasted like cookie dough! IMG_5083IMG_5089IMG_5051_2IMG_5048_2I totally recommend doing tags for wine, suggesting major life events to open the bottles on, for instance, first dinner party, first anniversary, first baby etc.  See the example above, we did something similar for my friend when she was recently married and I can attest it was one of both of our favorite parts of the day, it’s so personal. I also had a little helper in the form of Przemek’s nephew, he was super cute all day, helped me with all the presents and flirted with all the girls. I received so many wonderful things from the registry and was overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. I have a few new kitchen items that will definitely be making an appearance on the recipe section of Whole Foodie Booty, they are so pretty!IMG_5066_2IMG_5130All of my favorite females came together, it was so nice to see my Mom meeting some of the friends she has heard about over the years but hadn’t had the pleasure of formally meeting yet. Being surrounded by cousins, Aunts, friends and new family I was so elated and couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was funny when my Aunt started reading out the advice cards and when I received Pablo Neruda’s love poems and started reading “The Dream” which sounds anything but loving until the very end, we were all wondering where it was going and cracking up about it. So many little things added up to such a great memory of the day. Afterwards my bridal party came over, helped me unpack and made room for some of the amazing new items, and then my cousin who is my Maid of Honor and flew in from Florida slept over and we did brunch the next day. Przemek and I read through all the well wishes in the sign-in book/cookbook, read through date night ideas, looked at advice for both of us and browsed through pictures. He also ate leftovers and cake and seemed so happy with all of the energy our friends and family had put into making me feel special. What an perfect day! IMG_5109IMG_5136